The Queens Platinum Jubilee Quiz

As the queen of England approaches her platinum jubilee celebrations, we will all be celebrating with her – and what better way than with a quiz! Think Royal family members, castle locations and the queen’s reign for inspiration to ace our free royal jubilee quiz. You’ll find 30 questions divided into 3 rounds, so gather around for some right royal quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Queen Elizabeth is the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee – True or False?

2 – On what date is Queen Elizabeth’s true birthday?

3 – Who was Queen Elizabeth’s father?

4 – In which year was Queen Elizabeth crowned?

5 – To date, the Queen has been served by how many Prime Ministers – 8, 14 or 19?

6 – Who was the first prime minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth?

7 – What is the Queen’s full name?

8 – What jubilee event will take place on Thursday 2nd June?

9 – Where will the service of thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign be held?

10 – What breed of dog does the queen own?

Round 2

1 – Queen Elizabeth is allergic to fish – True or False?

2 – How old was the Queen when she ascended the throne?

3 – Which football team does Queen Elizabeth support?

4 – What age was Queen Elizabeth when the people of Wales gifted her a house?

5 – In which year did Elizabeth make her first radio broadcast?

6 – Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a licence – True or False?

7 – Which country did Prince Phillip flee as a child?

8 – At what venue did the Queen get married?

9 – What is the full name of the Queen’s firstborn child?

10 – In which year was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee?

Round 3

1 – Queen Elizabeth was home educated – True or False?

2 – How old was the queen when she got married?

3 – Which armed forces did Prince Philip serve in?

4 – Where was the Queen’s coronation held?

5 – In which country was Queen Elizabeth when her father passed away?

6 – In which year was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee?

7 – Who was Queen Elizabeth’s first grandchild?

8 – How many children does Queen Elizabeth have?

9 – How many grandchildren does Queen Elizabeth have?

10 – In 2002 Queen Elizabeth celebrated how many years on the throne?

Round 4

1 – What was the name of the Queen’s first Corgi?

2 – The Queen made her first televised Christmas speech in what year?

3 – Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia was in service until what year?

4 – In 1986 The Queen became the first British Monarch to visit which country?

5 – In 1966 The Queen presented which England football captain with the World Cup Trophy?

6 – In 1973 The Queen opened Sydney Opera House – True or False?

7 – What is currently Her Majesty’s main residence?

8 – Who designed Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress?

9 – Queen Elizabeth speaks fluent French – True or False?

10 – The queen is terrified of ants – True or False?




If you liked this Royal Jubilee quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

Claire Roach is a professional quizzer, gamer and developer who turned her passion for knowledge into a hub for FREE quizzes!


  1. Julie Foster Reply

    I am Arranging our village Jubilee lunch and would love to have a copy of your quiz
    Kind regards

    • Hi Julie,

      You can print off a copy, a print button is located at the bottom of the quiz 🙂 Have a lovely Party!

  2. Simon Malpass Reply

    Thank you, all these quiz questions are fantastic, I got roped into doing a one off pub quiz for my daughters pub…….. I’m now on my 4th quiz night

  3. couple of items ,i think the queen was 27 when she ascended the throne and it is debateable whether she supported west
    ham or arsenal,she has been known to communicate with both

    • Hi David – She became queen at age 25 but her coronation was when she was 27.

      It has been widely stated that she revealed to staff in 2009 that she supported West Ham and I couldn’t find anything to back up Arsenal.

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