The Ultimate Travel Quiz

From flags of the world to famous landmarks. Your world knowledge will be put to the test in the ultimate travel quiz. Do you know you’re Stonehenge from your Skara Brae? Or your Norway flag from your Iceland flag?

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for the ultimate travel quizzing.

Round 1 – World Landmarks

1 – In which city would you find Christ the Redeemer?

2 – In which city would you find the Sagrada Familia

3 – What is the name of the famous tower found in Seatle?

4 – The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa. In which city is it located?

5 – Machu Picchu was once home to an ancient civilisation. In which South American country can you find it?

6 – Where in Egypt would you find the Pyramids?

7 – What is India’s most famous Landmark?

8 – What is the name of the famous landmark in Northern Ireland that is made of hexagon shaped stones?

9 – What is the name of the massive waterfall that borders the USA and Canada?

10 – In which US national park would you find the Grand Prismatic Spring?

11 – In which US State is the Grand Canyon?

12 – In which city would you find the Eiffel Tower?

13 – The huge Angkor Temple is one of Asia’s most famous landmarks. In which country would you find it?

14 – In which city would you find the famous armadillo shaped opera house?

15 – Mount Rushmore National Park has the faces of the four US presidents engraved on a hillside. In which US State would you find the park?

16 – Which city in Greece would you find The Acropolis?

17 – The Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark in which US city?

18 – In which country would you find the famous Victoria Falls?

19 – In which city is the famous Blue mosque located?

20 – In which Italian city would you find The Colosseum?

21 – In which Middle Eastern Country would you find The Lost City of Petra?

22 – If you were visiting St Basil’s Cathedral, which city would you be visiting?

23 – What is the famous lady of New York known as?

24 – What is the name of the ancient Druid stone circle situated in Amesbury?

25 – Where would you find the ancient Viking settlement of Skara Brae

Round 2 – Travel Trivia

1 – There are two landlocked countries in South America. Can you name them?

2 – Which of Europe’s capital cities was constructed over 14 Islands?

3 – Which country on the Asian continent covers the largest landmass?

4 – How many different provinces make up Canada?

5 – Ayers Rock was re-named in 1993 and given its Aboriginal name, what is it now known as?

6 – If you travel to Thailand, which form of currency would you use?

7 – Which country in Europe has the most mountains?

8 – What once illegal item is Cuba most famous for?

9 – Which Caribbean country would you be in if you were limin?

10 – Which of Italy’s famous lakes is known as the jewel of the Italian lakes?

11 – What country would you be in if you were visiting the world’s tallest waterfall known as Angel Falls?

12 – Which country would you be visiting if you were travelling along the world’s longest coastline?

13 – Which Island prison near San Francisco was famous for being almost inescapable?

14 – Which Capital city when translated to English is called Good Air?

15 – The famous Orient Express travelled originally between two cities. Name one of the cities?

16 – Which famous world capital is famous for having the most Michelin stars? Tokyo, London or Paris?

17 – What was Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, previously known as?

18 – What is Australia’s capital city?

19 – Which famous river formed The Grand Canyon?

20 – Which of the world’s landlocked seas sits below sea level?

21 – Which Caribbean Island would you be visiting if you were swimming with pigs?

22 – Which is the biggest state in the USA?

23 – Which country would you be in if you were visiting Chichen Itza?

24 – Where in the UK would you be visiting if you were on an almost tropical island complete with Palm trees?

25 – What country is the biggest by landmass in Africa?

Round 3 – Famous Hotels

1 – Which city in the UK would you be visiting if you stayed at the amazing Witchery By the Castle?

2 – The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is synonymous with supernatural activity. Which famous horror book did it inspire?

3 – The King David Hotel was first opened in 1930 and is famous for its architecture, sweeping views, and famous guests. Which city can you find it in?

4 – The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is famous for luxury. It looks like the sail of an imposing yacht. Which city is it located in?

5 – Name the hotel that opened on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1907 and has been the star of many movies?

6 – The Grand Hotel Europe is a palatial affair located in which city?

7 – Villa d’Este Cernobbio is an iconic hotel in Italy, opened in 1873 and sits on the banks of which famous Italian Lake?

8 – Which famous London hotel is renowned for being a crash pad of the rich and famous. It is often called the annexe to Buckingham Palace and has housed Royalty. They are also famous for their afternoon teas and finger sandwiches?

9 – Which hotel in Sin City is named after a famous Roman Emperor?

10 – Coco Channel called this infamous Parisian hotel home for many years. What is its name?

11 – Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton honeymooned at the most famous hotel in Los Angeles. What is the name of the hotel?

12 – This cold hotel in Sweden is a staple among tourists. What is it called?

13 – This glamorous hotel in New York was made famous for its grandeur, celebrity guests, and as being a favourite haunt of politicians. It also famously starred in the Eddie Murphy comedy, Coming to America?

14 – The Hotel d’alsace is famous for the death of Oscar Wilde and is located in which European capital?

15 – Jimi Hendrix’s favourite hotel and the place where he died is located in which city?

16 – The luxury Soneva Jani resort is famous for its overwater bungalow with slides. Which destination would you find them?

17 – Which country would you be visiting if you stayed at the luxury colonial Raffles hotel?

18 – Who spent their Honeymoon in the Amsterdam Hilton after their wedding in 1969?

19 – Which hotel in Las Vegas was the tallest in the world when it opened in 1993 and has a famous lion as its emblem?

20 – The introduction of capsule hotels was first established in which country?

21 – What name is given to smaller hotels that offer a homely style feel rather than a corporate experience?

22 – Which item that is often found in hotel room drawers was first introduced in The Superior Hotel, Montana?

23 – Paris is the heiress to which Global hotel chain?

24 – Which Rockband had a hit with the famous song Hotel California?

25 – Which UK celebrity appeared in tv adverts for The Premier Inn hotel chain?

Round 4 – Destinations

1 – In which country would you find the Whitsunday Islands?

2 – In which country would you find the site of Goblekli Teki?

3 – Which area of the island of Cyprus is under Turkish control?

4 – In which European city would you find the famous Spanish Steps?

5 – In which US city would you find Capitol Hill?

6 – The island of Aruba in the Caribbean is under which European country’s control?

7 – Which country in Asia would you find Mount Everest?

8 – Which famous superhero movie used Niagra Falls as a backdrop to one of its most iconic scenes?

9 – In which city in America was the movie Pretty Woman set?

10 -Which famous destination was the backdrop for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

11 – What festival will you take part in if you visit New Orleans in February?

12 – What is the name of the famous festival held in Mexico each year?

13 – Mount Vesuvius is located in which European country?

14 – In which destination would you find The Loch Ness Monster?

15 – In which country would you find The Great Barrier Reef?

16 – In which destination would you be if you were visiting the Fjords?

17 – Which country would you be visiting if your destination was Montego Bay?

18 – Which country would you be visiting if you were in Acapulco?

19 – Where in South America would you find the famous Salt Plains?

20 – Which country was the backdrop destination for the movie The Beach?

21 – Which destination would you be visiting if you were sunning yourself on Copacabana Beach?

22 – Which group of Islands would you be visiting if you were in Fuerteventura?

23 – If you were visiting the only man-made site that can be seen from outer space, which country would you be in?

24 – If you were on the Island of the Gods, which country are you visiting?

25 – The history of surfing can be traced back to this island destination, where is it?



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