The Ultimate TV Series Quiz

Who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill? But how many TV series have you managed to binge-watch? From sci-fi and horror to historical and romance. Think Netflix, Prime, HBO, and Apple TV for inspiration to ace our TV Series quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some quizzing.

Round 1 – Guess the TV Series

1 – Which TV Series is based around a stalker named Joe Goldberg?

2 – Which supernatural horror series is set in a family home named Keyhouse?

3 – Which 2021 drama series features a single mum called Alex, trying to start a new life after fleeing domestic abuse?

4 – Which 2021 Korean hit series see players competing in deadly childhood games?

5 – Which series is centered around a warrior and farmer named Ragnar Lothbrok?

6 – In which macabre TV series does Eva Green play the formidable Vannessa Ives?

7 – Which satirical black comedy-drama series centered around the Roy family?

8 – Which series features a world where (almost) all of humanity have lost their sight?

9 – Which crime drama series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor?

10 – Which American anthology horror series was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk?

Round 2 – TV Series Stars

1 – Which Hollywood star played ‘Celeste Wright’ in HBO’s Big Little Lies?

2 – Which English film star played ‘Eddard Stark’ in Game of Thrones?

3 – Which American actress played ‘Serena van der Woodsen’ in Gossip Girl?

4 – Which Hollywood actor played ‘Owen Milgrim’ in Maniac?

5 – Which actress played fashion icon ‘Donatella Versace’ in American Crime Story?

6 – Which actor played ‘Detective Rust Cohle’ in HBO’s True Detective?

7 – Which actress played mom and monster-fighter ‘Joyce Byers’ in Stranger Things?

8 – Which model and actress played ‘Vignette Stonemoss’ in Amazon’s Carnival Row?

9 – Which iconic English actor played ‘Dr. Robert Ford’ in Westworld?

10 – Which American actress played secretary Sara Howard in The Alienist?

Round 3 – True or False

1 – ‘Blackwater’ was the most expensve episode of Game of Thrones – True or False?

2 – The Last Ship was based on a true story – True or False?

3 – James Gandolfini broke his arm whilst filming the first episode of The Sopranos – True or False?

4 – Eleven is a character in the series New Amsterdam – True or False?

5 – Narcos was based on a true story – True or False?

6 – The Blacklist has a spin-off series – True or False?

7 – Suits first aired in 2010 – True or False?

8 – The pilot episode of LOST cost over £10 million – True or False?

9 – The tv series Arrow is produced by Marvel – True or False?

10 – Mindhunter was based on a true story – True or False?

Round 4 – TV Series Trivia

1 – OITNB is the abbreviation for which series?

2 – What is the longest-running scripted television series in history?

3 – Which actor cameoed as Red Devil in Band of Brothers?

4 – Which role did actress Helen McRory play in Peaky Blinders?

5 – In ‘The Act’ Dee Dee Blanchard had which mental health condition?

6 – What does HBO stand for?

7 – Which famous Royal did Emma Corrin play in The Crown?

8 – Better Call Saul is a spin off of which series?

9 – In which series would you get ‘floated’ for commiting a crime?

10 – In which series would you find a villain named Neegan?

Round 5 – TV Series Trivia

1 – Which singer stars as Bet Sykes in Pennyworth?

2 – Which two popular tv series’ is ‘Sandra Oh’ famous for starring in?

3 – In which tv series would you see Idris Elba as a DCI?

4 – Which tv series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family?

5 – In which tv series does Liev Schreiber play a professional fixer for the rich and famous?

6 – Which tv series features a girl called Hannah who tragically committed suicide?

7 – Which actor plays Sherlock in the 2010 tv series?

8 – Which ‘City of Angels’ does lucifer settle in when he comes to earth?

9 – Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are brothers in which tv series?

10 – Which one of his senses does Daredevil not have?




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